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This is a Fob Chain Slider Ca 1860-1875. A Fob Chain for Pocket Watch would have gone through the holes on the top of the Slide, and come through the holes on the bottom. There is a pin and C clasp attached to the back of the Slider. This was added later on. There are no markings on the Slider but a Gold Acid test was performed and it tested to approx. 9 Ct. More than likely would be a British piece. There are 3 sliver grey Seed Pearls in the centre of the Slider. A very ornate piece handmade and still holds its beauty close to 150 years later.

The Slider weighs 5.7 grams and measures approx. 25 mm x 20 mm.


Estimated Replacement price: $475


Condition: Pre-owned, original patina not removed, some discoloration that occurs naturally with oxidation, some scratches due to wear but overall very good condition for its age.

9K Antique Slider-Brooch with Seed Pearls

SKU: 7-36
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